Developing breakthrough
treatments for fibrotic disease

At Alentis Therapeutics we intend to put the brakes on fibrosis and reverse the course of a disease that is responsible for almost 45% of deaths in the developed world.

Atlentis Therapeutics is developing breakthrough treatments for fibrotic disease and associated cancer. In its lead program, Alentis is exploiting a previously undiscovered functional role of Claudin-1 (CLDN1) and its associated pathways in disease biology to develop breakthrough therapies for fibrotic diseases and associated cancers. 

These include chronic liver and kidney disease as well as hepatobiliary cancer.
Moreover, Alentis builds on a unique cell-based platform modeling the clinical cell circuits of advanced liver disease. Using this cutting-edge platform based on clinically relevant read-outs combined with single cell RNASeq of patient liver tissues, Alentis is developing new medicines for treatment of fibrosis and advanced liver disease – a key unmet medical need rising on a global level.

Alentis’ pioneering approach utilizes the high specificity and potency of our anti-CLDN1 monoclonal antibodies and aims to directly modify and reverse the course of fibrotic disease and associated cancers. The approach exploits a unique and differentiated mechanism of action, which allows treatment of both liver fibrosis and subsequent liver cancer which is different and superior to other compounds in the disease area.

With our lead therapeutic program ALE.F02, we started clinical studies in Dec 2021 under FDA approval for the Alentis Phase 1 protocol study design. ALE.F02 is currently being developed for the treatment of advanced unmet liver and kidney fibrosis.

Unmet need

With more than one-million people dying each year from advanced liver fibrosis and fibrosis-driven liver cancers such as hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and cholangiocarcinoma (CC), Alentis is addressing an urgent global unmet medical need with a huge commercial potential.
Led by a highly entrepreneurial and experienced management, and a world-class founder, with expertise in liver disease, rare diseases and cancer, we are driven to bring life-saving treatments to patients with fibrotic conditions. Alentis is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland with affiliated research and development operations in Strasbourg, France.