The Need

Chronic liver diseases such as advanced liver fibrosis and cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma, HCC) are major challenges for global health.

HCC is the second leading and fastest rising cause of cancer death worldwide.

Liver fibrosis is the most important risk factor to develop liver cancer.

Treatment options for advanced liver disease and cancer are unsatisfactory.

Given the rising incidence of chronic liver disease and cancer, the public health and economic burden caused by this disease will significantly increase during the next two decades.

Novel treatment approaches with differentiated targets are urgently needed. 

Liver Fibrosis

  • 100+ million patients with advanced fibrosis
  • Key factor for liver cancer risk
  • High unmet medical need
  • Significant health economic burden
  • Absent specific therapies

Liver Cancer

  • Second leading cause of cancer death
  • 5-year survival rates less than 20%
  • Incidence rising
  • Unsatisfactory treatment options
  • Major unmet medical need