Chronic liver diseases such as advanced liver fibrosis (F3/F4) and cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma, HCC) are major challenges for global health.

The global incidence of late stage liver diseases is increasing due an aging population and the growing epidemiology of NASH. Therefore, the public health and economic burden of disease will significantly increase.

Fibrosis needs to be managed to improve survival

Current treatment options for advanced liver disease and cancer are unsatisfactory.

Novel treatment approaches with differentiated targets are urgently needed

Liver Fibrosis

  • Main etiologies: NASH, HBV/HCV, alcohol
  • Global incidence strongly increasing
  • Global deaths (cirrhosis): 1 mio
  • Significant health economic burden
  • Absence of specific anti-fibrotic therapies

Liver Cancer

  • 85% of HCC have underlying fibrosis
  • 4th most common cause of cancer mortality: global ca. 800.000 deaths
  • 5-year survival rates less than 20%
  • High health economic burden (e.g. transplant)
  • Low response rate with current treatments