Swiss Innovation Agency to Co-fund Research Collaboration to Accelerate Discovery of Biomarkers for Fibrosis

Alentis will collaborate with the FHNW School of Life Sciences to identify translational biomarkers of
Claudin-1 for use in future Alentis trials

Basel, Switzerland – 27 September 2022 Alentis Therapeutics (“Alentis” or “the Company”), the biotechnology company developing breakthrough treatments for organ fibrosis and fibrotic-associated cancers, today announced the Swiss Innovation Agency, Innosuisse, will co-fund a research collaboration with the FHNW School of Life Sciences to accelerate the discovery of Claudin-1-associated biomarkers for fibrosis.

Claudin-1 (CLDN1) is a novel, previously unexploited target with a unique mechanism of action that plays a key role in the pathology of organ fibrosis and fibrotic tumors. Alentis’ lead therapeutic candidate, ALE.F02, is currently in Phase 1 clinical studies for the treatment of advanced kidney, liver and lung fibrosis which are expected to read out in Q1 2023. The Company is also developing ALE.C04 for solid tumors that is currently in pre-clinical development.

Alentis Therapeutics will partner with the School of Life Sciences to test anti-CLDN1 antibodies in established 3D-multicellular liver co-culture systems, developed and validated by Prof. Dr. Laura Suter-Dick’s lab at the FHNW Campus Muttenz, Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland, and published recently in the International Journal of Molecular Science. The goal is to identify translational biomarkers of CLDN1 target engagement that be deployed in future Alentis trials. The total project cost of CHF 720,000 will be supported by the grant from Innosuisse and contributions from Alentis Therapeutics.

Dr. Geoffrey Teixeira, Head of Fibrosis at Alentis Therapeutics, commented: “With the support of Innosuisse, we look forward to continuing our close collaboration with Prof. Dr. Laura Suter-Dick’s group to provide further validation and monitoring of the therapeutic effect of CLDN1 inhibition in fibrotic disorders. This is another important step in our goal to develop breakthrough treatments for organ fibrosis and fibrotic-associated cancers.”

Prof. Dr. Laura Suter-Dick, Professor of Cell Biology and In Vitro Toxicology at FHNW, added: “We are grateful to Innosuisse for its support in promoting science-based innovation in Switzerland. Through our continued collaboration with the Alentis team, we aim to identify translational biomarkers of CLDN1 target engagement for use in future clinical trials.”

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About Alentis Therapeutics

Alentis Therapeutics is a clinical stage biotechnology company that focuses on developing breakthrough treatments for organ fibrosis and fibrotic-associated cancers. The company was founded in 2019 based on ground-breaking research in the laboratory of Prof. Thomas Baumert MD at the University of Strasbourg and the French National Institute of Health (Inserm).

Alentis is pioneering a novel approach to modify and reverse the course of disease progression targeting Claudin-1 (CLDN1), a previously unexploited target that plays a key role in the pathology of fibrosis and fibrotic tumors with immune evasive properties. Alentis’ portfolio of first-in-class anti-CLDN1 monoclonal antibodies is being developed to treat advanced fibrosis and cancer.

Alentis is headquartered in Basel’s pharma-biotech hub in Switzerland with a subsidiary for R&D in Strasbourg, France.

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About FHNW School of Life Sciences

The FHNW is a leading university of applied sciences in Switzerland. Based in Muttenz near Basel, the FHNW School of Life Sciences is part of Europe’s largest life sciences center and lies at the heart of pharmaceutical and medical technology, the chemical industry, and environmental biotechnology. In the excellently equipped FHNW Campus Muttenz, we perform applied research at the interface between nature, technology, medicine, and the environment.

With our highly qualified staff and modern infrastructure, we are able to conduct research along the entire healthcare value creation chain. The spectrum ranges from the development of medical products and drugs, technologies and production processes through to their manufacture and market launch. Another research focus is the development of resource-saving technologies and environmental procedures.

About Innosuisse

Innosuisse is the Swiss Innovation Agency. Its mission is to promote science-based innovation in the interest of the economy and society in Switzerland. The core of Innosuisse funding is the support of innovation projects: innovative organizations such as companies and start-ups develop new services and products together with universities and research institutions.

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